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Kayne West ‘Yeezus’

Hi Guys – this will be a quick intro for a number of reasons, time management being only one of them!

This is the first album that I’ve chosen for a monthly album that I have not heard. I’ve actually not heard a track off it either. I ‘listened’ to the ‘track’ that was premiered on a wall projected for the masses as a premier. I couldn’t really here it or make it out so I thought fuck it, I’ll wait for the album and approach untainted. I’ve not even read the Pitchfork 9.5/10 review (highest this year suggesting this is 2013’s album of the Year-to-Date.

So why have I chosen it? Cause you’ve pretty much got to keep in with Kanye don’t you. For me, it is a love/hate relationship. I’ve been listening to loads of Kanye recently. Loads! and I’ve strengthened my position on him, great producers, not a consistent rapper. I actually like his (lazy) style … but during the course of his albums I think his writing has gone backwards. He has killer lines, absolutely killer … but he can’t maintain songs or even verses that make sense in their entirety anymore. Is GoldDigger the last track that made sense lyrically from start to finish?

Also we have the ‘tit’ factor. He does seem to be a tit. At least he can’t seem to bite his tongue. He needs someone sitting over him and rapping his knuckles each time he totally contradicts himself or simply says something stupid.

Dark Fantasy was his worst selling album, in my opinion was his best production and possibly his worst lyrics. What will Yeezus be? I literally have no idea but am looking fwd to finding out.

PS – I’ve not even heard the track I’m posting here!